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Maryjo Pirages Reynolds




How long have you been a NR member?

Since 2013.

Why are you a NR Member?

Being a part of Next Rockford enables me to connect with other professionals and build relationships.  Additionally, Next Rockford helps keep me informed and engaged.  Next Rockford brings in premier speakers, facilitates candidate forums, proactively addresses challenging topics, and inspires its members to continue striving.  Its members are not content with the status quo; instead, they advocate for positive change and growth.  I am a member of Next Rockford and part of its Strategy Team because I want to be at the forefront of this positive change and growth.

What is your vision for the Rockford region? 

This is an exciting time for Rockford.  I was born and raised in Rockford, went away for school, and returned in 2012.  Never in all my years in Rockford have I sensed this level of positivity.  I want this positivity to be contagious and to spread throughout our community, facilitating the transformation of our city and region into a top 25 community by 2025.  I want Rockford to have top schools, no crime, lower taxes, and a diverse, giving citizenry.  We have the tools and heart to achieve this vision.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Rockford region/place to visit, etc.? 

I love being downtown.  I work downtown and really enjoy the restaurants and attractions that are within walking distance from my office.  Whether it is seeing a show at the stunning Coronado Theater, getting a bite to eat at Octane or Prairie Street, or visiting the City Market or the Art Museum, downtown has so much to offer.  I also love the fact that, about 10 years ago, I would not have felt very comfortable downtown.  Now, I love it and I am there every day.  Plus, the beautiful views of the river cannot be beat!