Next Rockford Membership Dues


Welcome to the Next Rockford!

Group pricing is available, please reach out to Maureen, Paul or Greg for further details.



What value do I receive for my Next Rockford Membership?

Your membership provides access to all Next Rockford membership meetings, which are held monthly throughout the year to highlight regional efforts to advance our community, and educate our membership on how they can be involved.

Membership fees are also used to support strategic initiatives in the community that are aligned with the mission of Next Rockford. Our most recent sponsorships have supported the Rockford Family Peace Center as it has launched its new multi-disciplinary service center in downtown Rockford to support victims of domestic violence.

As a member of Next Rockford, you are part of a group that has a seat at the table to influence the future of our community. Don’t miss out the opportunity to hear directly from community leadership, and be part of the conversation to ensure a positive future for Rockford.

What is the cost of Next Rockford Membership?

The cost of an individual membership is $120 annually, with the fiscal year beginning October 1st. Follow the above link to register for an annual membership.

An organization that wishes to sponsor 3 or more of its employees can receive a discount of $100/member annually. To sign-up for a corporate membership, please email Next Rockford Treasurer, Greg Lundquist, at

How do I sign-up for Next Rockford Membership?

For an individual membership, click the above "Add to Cart" button.

For a corporate membership, please email Next Rockford Treasurer, Greg Lundquist, at for an invoice.

Checks can also be mailed to:
Next Rockford
P.O. Box 6485
Rockford, IL 61125

How can I receive an invoice?

Please e-mail Next Rockford Treasurer, Greg Lundquist at for an invoice.