Next Rockford’s Education Committee was formed in 2009 in an effort to organize our group’s focus when approaching what is essentially the foundation of the three pillars of our mission: Education, Business Environment and Urban Development.

The goal of the committee is to work as closely as possible with existing community initiatives and partner with our local school district to educate our members on the many education-based innovations that are emerging in Rockford.  As an example, Rockford is now looked to as an example on charter school development, an initiative supported by Next Rockford.

Next Rockford members understand that until we build our local level of educational attainment and better the reputation of our district, we will fight an uphill battle in our efforts to attract and retain businesses.  And to build a thriving city core, Rockford’s educational profile must be one that people are willing to invest in by re-investing in Rockford homes and engaging in local commerce.

Our goal is simple:

When a would-be transplant researches Rockford, they will hear from the Real Estate agent, or from whatever web-site they visit that Rockford is a community with educational options.  And those options are a reflection of Rockford as a whole.

How we achieve our mission through advocacy:

The preliminary work of the Education Committee has focused on reviewing existing educational initiatives seeking community support, considering the needs of the school district, and building alliances with other community organizations that recognize the importance of focusing on education as a core community development issue.

Members of the committee and Next Rockford members at large are invited to participate in advocacy efforts focused on our publicly supported causes; charter school development and support for our school district.  These activities range from attending school board meetings on Next Rockford’s behalf to working directly on volunteer committees and projects for these organizations.

Support and encouragement for other initiatives that are not specifically supported by Next Rockford is also highly encouraged.

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